Every fountain is unique.

The gentle trickle of a garden fountain creates a relaxing atmoshpere; often a centrepiece in the composition of your garden.
For millenia, stone fountains have formed part of mankind’s most important outdoor creations. Our natural stone fountains are built with an understanding of their importance, crafted in our manual workshop, to become a beautiful decorative element of yor garden.

Fountains made of natural stones can last for centuries. 

We offer a variety of fountains and accessories made of different natural stones and metal for each garden composition and decoration.

Our fountains are made of local granite and porphyr, and are particularly resistant to the elements (especially rain and frost).

We also craft luxury fountains from marble. Our most popular is sourced from world-renowned Laas and Gofflan. In addition to marble from South Tyrol, we offer wonderful marble from Asiago, in a variety of colours at extremely high quality.

These materials are extracted from quarrys over 2,000 meters above sea level, and are particularly resistant to the elements.

Stone – old passion: durability of shapes through time.

Accessories & Installation

We offer a vsariety of installation expertise, including connection to drainage and sewer systems. Our fountain water levels can also be regulated through standpipes.


The water supply of our fountains consists of custom-made and hand-forged brass tubing with integrated shutoff valves, and connecting threads at the lower end of their brass taps.

For the water drain, a cone with thread in base is installed installed.


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