Grave Stones

All our grave stones are hand-crafted with extreme care, made to measure using the highest quality materials.

Our expertise in this area spans 105 years, with our ongoing dedication to honouring and preserving the memories of our customers’ loved ones for centuries to come.

Come and visit our company and have a look at our grave stones and crosses at your own pace. We are happy to help and advise you at any time.

We offer

In addition to the production of gravestones, we also offer the following services:

  • Add fonts in bronze letters
  • Hand engraved inscriptions, also leaf-gold-plated
  • Restoration of gravestones, inscriptions and wrought-iron crosses
  • Cleaning of tombstones
  • Straight straightening of gravestones with guarantee
  • Sale of wrought iron crosses and lanterns

Gravestones help to hold the thoughts of our loved ones.

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