since 1910

The couple Emil and Theresa Jacob had two sons: Robert (born 9.10.1908 and passed 23.11.1976 in Egna) und Bruno (born 21.05.1913 and passed 26.10.1985 in Merano).

They learned the craft of stonemasonry and sculpture from their father, and worked hard to participate in the family business.

Emil's son Robert was employed as an apprentice from 01.10.1922 to 01.10.1925 and as a journeyman in the family business from 02.10.1925 until 01.01.1947.

After the war, Robert worked as an independent master stonemason in the family business from 1 January 1947 according to " Certificat der Stadtgemeinde Meran (Certificate of the Council Merano)" issued in his name.


In 1952 Robert Jacob settled with his family in the area Bolzano-Oberau and opened his own business.

His three sons, Robert, Kurt and Peter Jacob also learned the craft as per local traditions from their father, eventually becoming masons within the family business.

As the city of Bolzano expanded, Robert Jacob saught a new seat for his business to meet growing demand.

Emil Jacob’s younger son Bruno remained at the company headquarters in Merano.

Later, his son Walter, together with his sister Herta, took over the stonemasonry business in St. Joseph Street. Walter’s daughter Doris also learned the craft of stone carving at home, successfully attending the ‘Berufsschule’ (technical college) in Salzburg, completed her apprenticeship and – to this day - still leads the firm, together with her father in Merano.

In 1966 the other son Robert Jacob and his own sons brought the stonemasonry business from Bolzano to Neumarkt / Vill into the so-called ‘Unterland’.

In 1977 Robert Jacob sr handed over the family business to his two sons Kurt and Peter.

Robert jr worked autonomously and independently in the same company headquarters until his retirement.

The new ‘bosses’ Kurt and Peter have gradually increased their business of Stonemasors over the years and adapted to many growing needs.

Today, the next generation (fourth) is already actively involved with the company "Kurt & Peter Jacob OHG".

The sons, Thomas and Stefan, have completed their apprenticeship as per family tradition in the family business, having attended the technical college for stonemasons in Salzburg and concluded their studies with success.

Daughter Barbara attended the high school "Istituto d'Arte Alessandro Vittorio" in Trento and successfully completed the final state exames. All children are employed in the family business and are stonemasons, together with their fathers.

Johann, the son of Robert jr, attended the technical school for stonemasons in Laas, then the high school "Istituto d'Arte Alessandro Vittorio" in Trento, and also trained at a local prestigious firm as a stone restorer. Since 1998 he has been working as an independent stonemason and sculptor.

The company Jacob looks back on a century of uninterrupted activity. Traces of their work can be found in all areas of the region. Three generations were able to collect large professional experience over the course of more than100 years.

The valuable expertise and knowledge were conscientiously passed from father to sons, down to the 4th generation still operating in the Jacob company.

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